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Multi store, Retail Chain and Franchise POS Platform

We help retailers of all sizes to run business efficiently with RanceLab ERP, 
Integrated Payments, Loyalty, Inventory, Stock-take and integrations








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Meet our Retail Advisory Council

Smaran Software Technologies LLP  Retail Advisory Council feeds industry insight into our products that drive retail efficiency and revenue through an excellent customer experience. They help us create the savviest tools to run your business.

RanceLab specializes in comprehensive ERP solutions, including Fusion ERP tailored for retail and hospitality. In retail, it manages inventory efficiently, preventing overstock or shortages, and streamlines the POS process, supporting multiple payment methods and barcode scanning. Sales tracking provides insights for data-driven decisions, while CRM enhances customer relationships.

Fusion ERP seamlessly integrates with Fusion Retail POS, creating a unified system for efficient operations and cost reduction. It's a flexible, industry-specific choice, empowering retailers to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive in a dynamic market. RanceLab's Fusion ERP offers a valuable solution for retailers seeking to optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic and ever-evolving retail landscape. The software's flexibility and industry-specific features make it a suitable choice for businesses in the retail sector aiming to leverage technology for growth and success.

Perfect Choice For

Convenience Store

RanceLab's software empowers store owners with robust inventory management, reducing losses from expired products, and ensuring well-stocked shelves. It simplifies employee management through efficient scheduling, work-hour tracking, and performance assessment for optimized workforce productivity.

Liquor Store

RanceLab ERP optimizes liquor store management, offering comprehensive solutions for inventory, transactions, and compliance. Real-time tracking, payment processing, and tailored features enhance efficiency and compliance for liquor retailers, whether small shops or large operations.

Grocery Store

Rancelab ERP is a top-tier choice for grocery store management. With its all-encompassing features, it efficiently oversees inventory, drives sales, and enhances customer interactions, making it the ultimate solution to elevate your grocery store's performance.

Clothing/Shoe Store

Rancelab is the ultimate solution for footwear shop management. It efficiently handles stock, accounting, suppliers, and customer data, all while being cost-effective. Elevate your business with Rancelab's remarkable capabilities.

Fruits & Vegetable

Rancelab covers all the processes of a fruit and vegetable plant, from the monitoring of the treatments and works in the farms, through harvesting and reception, storage and packaging of the product, to its commercialization and shipping to its final destination, including all the traceability of the product.

Luxary Store

Rancelab is a scalable, flexible retail management platform. Keep an eye on your inventory, manage supplier contacts, and issue purchase orders from the same interface .Keep a database of your customers, their contact info, and purchase histories and create more successful, targeted promotions.

Point of Sale is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many reasons to switch to RanceLab

Point of Sale (Touch & Scan)

high-performance POS powered with AI  & robust security

Production Control

keeps tight control of your raw materials, and wastages

Retail Analysis & Insights

transforms big data into actionable insights, drives business growth

Back-office & Menu Management

enhances the guest experience, improves staff efficiency

Financial Accounts

your chartered accountant for financial health

Supply Chain Management

integrated demand forecasting and auto-order generation

Fraud Control and Prevention

most advanced granular level security ensures zero tampering

Loyalty & Campaigns

builds, retains and grows happy and returning customers

Payroll Management

keeps your employees happy, loyal and motivated

Inventory & Store Management

turns your inventory into a competitive advantage, lowers holding cost

Schemes & Promotions

speeds up conversions, footfall, sales and profits, promotes items and outlet

Enterprise Chain Management

real-time control on processes and review of progress and performance

Retail Enhancing Solutions


easy to use online & offline, runs on pc, smartphones, table

Gift Vouchers

increase repeat visits, engage customers, boost business

Supply Chain

accurate planning shortens leave time, reduces holding cost


boost decision making, drives your business growth

Approval Sales

sales produts on approval, convert it to invoice, return balance product

Customer Service

track job work smartly, manages jobbers efficiently

Surprise Discounts

give disconts in percentage or amount to a pre-defined bill numbers


increases flexibility,give competative edge and scalability

Loyalty & Promotion

builds happy & returning customers, increases revenue

Payment Integrations

credit card, paytm, phonepe, payu, easy reconcilation


integrated with third-party ERP, Tally, Sun , Sage, SAP, Oracle

Re-order Level

avoid delays or bottlenecks throughout the supply chain

Schemes & Promotion

Motivate Customers to buy, convert dead stock to revenue

Home Delivery

increases business. opens new revenue, brings growth

Mobile Reports

provides a real-time review of progress and performance on the go

Financial Account

evaluate financial health, creates accountability & take advantage of reporting 

Chain & Franchisee

reach break-even faster, opens new outlets quicker

Robust Security

ensures zero tempring, prevents unauthorized access

Product Expiry Report

know which products are expiring and become better inventory planner

API (Web &App)

flawlessly connects your web store and brand app

Whats App Store

push your retail store SKU on whats commerce & local adds 

SMS &E-Mail 

receive business alerts and reports, send thank you notes 


works out payroll calculations  deductions quicker

Insights & KPI

transforms big data into actionable insights take quick decisions.

Bill of Material

helps in effective planning of repacking items

Salesperson Commission

keep your sales person happy, boost productivity

Gift Vocuhers

boosts sales making; drives your business growth


bill on SMS with permanent link for later retrival


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why our restaurant management System best in India?
    Our system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing restaurant staff to quickly learn and route through the software. Offers a wide range of features to handle various aspects of restaurant operations, such as table management, inventory control, menu planning, online ordering, customer management, and staff scheduling. This ensures that all the essential functions of a restaurant can be managed efficiently.
  • What does a restaurant management software do?
    It encompasses a wide range of functionalities, including point-of-sale integration for seamless order processing, inventory management, optimize supply levels and minimize waste, and menu management for easy updates and pricing adjustments. RanceLab’s assists in table reservation and management, simplifying the booking process and optimizing seating arrangements. It also streamlines employee scheduling.payroll, and communication and analytics aid in decision making.CRM tools help build loyalty and engage patrons. Billing and accounting features facilitate efficient financial tracking. Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) enhance order accuracy and expediency in the kitchen. Compliance and security measures ensure adherence to regulations and protect sensitive data. Integration with third-party services and mobile access further enhance operational flexibility.
  • How can I control my restaurant costs by using Rancelab software?
    Rancelab allows you to track inventory levels, monitor stock movements, and set up reorder points. By maintaining optimal inventory levels and reducing wastage, you can control food costs effectively. Rancelab can help you analyze the profitability of each menu item. Identify high-margin dishes and promote them while considering discontinuing or revising low-margin items. Regularly update your menu based on this analysis. Assign costs to individual ingredients in your recipes. This helps you understand the cost of each dish accurately and make pricing decisions accordingly. Monitor and record food waste using the software. By identifying trends and areas where waste is occurring, you can take steps to reduce it and save on costs.
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