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Multi store, Retail Chain and Franchise POS Platform

We help retailers of all sizes to run business efficiently with RanceLab ERP, 
Integrated Payments, Loyalty, Inventory, Stock-take and integrations








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Meet our Retail Advisory Council

Smaran Software Technologies LLP  Retail Advisory Council feeds industry insight into our products that drive retail efficiency and revenue through an excellent customer experience. They help us create the savviest tools to run your business.

Perfect Choice For

Convenience Store

RanceLab ERP is a one-stop convenience store POS system to manage and sell your essential daily items, including apparel, appliances, footwear, bags, etc. Enabled with different payment options and intelligent tools.

Liquor Store

Our goal is to make your liquor store a success. We offer scalability, accounting integration, a customizable eCommerce platform, age verification reminders, along with payroll and other great features.

Grocery Store

RanceLab ERP is built for the success of your grocery store. It is designed to manage all activities like billing, accounting, and inventory from a single system. Know what’s selling fast, meet your customer’s expectations every time.

Clothing/Shoe Store

With RanceLab ERP for your clothing store know fast and slow/non-moving, brand/supplier wise purchases and sales. Equipped with barcode scanning and CRM & SMS alerts for promotions, see your business thrive.

Fruits & Vegetable

Managing Fruits & Vegetable  shops just became easier with RanceLab ERP. Along with features like waste management, and inventory management, we offer customized solutions to suit your business. Experience the success of your retail shops.

Luxary Store

RanceLab ERP is an intelligent software ideal for your Luxuary Store. Enabling a new level of guest experience with speedy order taking and checkout process. We enable the business's operational efficiency.

Point of Sale is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many reasons to switch to RanceLab

Point of Sale (Touch & Scan)

high-performance POS powered with AI  & robust security

Production Control

keeps tight control of your raw materials, and wastages

Retail Analysis & Insights

transforms big data into actionable insights, drives business growth

Back-office & Menu Management

enhances the guest experience, improves staff efficiency

Financial Accounts

your chartered accountant for financial health

Supply Chain Management

integrated demand forecasting and auto-order generation

Fraud Control and Prevention

most advanced granular level security ensures zero tampering

Loyalty & Campaigns

builds, retains and grows happy and returning customers

Payroll Management

keeps your employees happy, loyal and motivated

Inventory & Store Management

turns your inventory into a competitive advantage, lowers holding cost

Schemes & Promotions

speeds up conversions, footfall, sales and profits, promotes items and outlet

Enterprise Chain Management

real-time control on processes and review of progress and performance

Retail Enhancing Solutions


easy to use online & offline, runs on pc, smartphones, table

Gift Vouchers

increase repeat visits, engage customers, boost business

Supply Chain

accurate planning shortens leave time, reduces holding cost


boost decision making, drives your business growth

Approval Sales

sales produts on approval, convert it to invoice, return balance product

Customer Service

track job work smartly, manages jobbers efficiently

Surprise Discounts

give disconts in percentage or amount to a pre-defined bill numbers


increases flexibility,give competative edge and scalability

Loyalty & Promotion

builds happy & returning customers, increases revenue

Payment Integrations

credit card, paytm, phonepe, payu, easy reconcilation


integrated with third-party ERP, Tally, Sun , Sage, SAP, Oracle

Re-order Level

avoid delays or bottlenecks throughout the supply chain

Schemes & Promotion

Motivate Customers to buy, convert dead stock to revenue

Home Delivery

increases business. opens new revenue, brings growth

Mobile Reports

provides a real-time review of progress and performance on the go

Financial Account

evaluate financial health, creates accountability & take advantage of reporting 

Chain & Franchisee

reach break-even faster, opens new outlets quicker

Robust Security

ensures zero tempring, prevents unauthorized access

Product Expiry Report

know which products are expiring and become better inventory planner

API (Web &App)

flawlessly connects your web store and brand app

Whats App Store

push your retail store SKU on whats commerce & local adds 

SMS &E-Mail 

receive business alerts and reports, send thank you notes 


works out payroll calculations  deductions quicker

Insights & KPI

transforms big data into actionable insights take quick decisions.

Bill of Material

helps in effective planning of repacking items

Salesperson Commission

keep your sales person happy, boost productivity

Gift Vocuhers

boosts sales making; drives your business growth


bill on SMS with permanent link for later retrival


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