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Electronic Shelf label Product

Electronic Shelf Labels

Zkong advantages over competitors See here why the Smaran Software Technologies LLP  system is the best on the market

​Multi-Store Management System
The Zkong ESL Cloud system runs in  cloud and you don't need to worry about equipment and IT infrastructure. You can also choose the "On-Premises" installation model or in your "Private Cloud", that is, we can install on your IT infrastructure

8 Color LED
All Zkong electronic labels have an LED to signal any status you want, for example, product replacement on the Gondola (stock), battery replacement or whatever your imagination creates. The LED can flash in the following colors: Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, White, Magenta. Accepts triggers via API calls to increase your automation process.

Base Station
It supports up to 5,000 electronic tags within a radius of up to 30 meters. Another advantage is the direction of communication from the base to the server, i.e. the Base Station searches for the Management Server and not the other way around, thus avoiding the opening of ports in Firewalls from the external environment to the internal LAN. It also uses the low-power BLE 5.0 protocol with an encryption option.

Superior Finish
Our electronic labels are made of plastic with a fine finish and high resistance with a modern look that will make your store beautiful. Check the options for models with glass or without screen protection glass. Waterproof IP67 and IP68 models. More space on the screen: The label's unique identifier is factory laser engraved on its side, eliminating this element from the label template


Battery Maintenance
With a duration of up to 10 years on some models and in situations of up to 4 price updates per day, battery replacement can be carried out by your own internal team, without the need for special tools. It's like changing the battery in a remote control.


Specialized Support
Our Staff is specialized in ESL systems, Windows and Linux Servers, Cloud Computing, Firewall Configurations, ETL Models and Data Loading, covering 100% any type of implementation


NFC Simplified
Models with NFC do not need to be powered by rails connected to power outlets. The NFC function is NATIVE, eliminating the high complexity of physical installation as in software. It does not depend on a previously recorded NFC card, it works with any cell phone with NFC.

Mobile Application
With the Mobile application, you allow your operational employees to associate and maintain electronic labels, such as changing products on the shelf


Wireless 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz + Bluetooth 5.0 + NFC, Bi-Directional BASE RADIO WITH DUAL FUNCTION

Our Radio Bases connect directly to our ESL Cloud without the need to open gateways in Firewalls, they are the ones that search for the server and not the other way around. In addition to controlling electronic labels, they can optionally act as Wifi Internet Routers in 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz mode for your establishment. BLE 5.0 Low Energy and NFC It uses Bluetooth LE 5.0 protocol technology and several tag models with NFC proximity technology. 
                                                            Partners and Technologies we use

Smaran Software Technologies LLP has expertise in integration technologies for the most used databases in the Indian market 

                                                                                 API for Developers
If you are a developer, check out our Documentation with all requests for our ESL CLOUD located on 100% Indian soil. You will be able to control the labels and LCD screens showing different information. With ESLs, you can flash the LED in 8 different colors, load products from your ERP and obtain information about the operational status of each of the electronic labels. Don't just think about price automation, automate different types of processes. Benefit from simplified NFC and PIX Dynamic QRCode generation as a means of payment.


Why Should Your Business Use Electronic Shelf Labels?

Enable Dynamic Pricing

Reduce Operational Cost

Easier Management of Inventory

Targeted Advertising


Get the electronic shelf labels delivered directly to your doorstep with easy and secure payment methods.

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