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Modern Restaurant Kitchen

Retail & Restaurant Career Management Training

Employment opportunities are everywhere. Sometimes you just need an advantage!

Many people begin their working life in restaurant or retail. By taking the first step in education and training in restaurant and retail environments by professionals in the industry, chances of employment success is increased.


Retail owner and manager programs are designed to help support skills to analyse and identify areas of the business that need attention to increase profit, staff effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The skills we offer, stay and travel with you, for life, which allows your career to accelerate to more and more opportunities.


RanceLab ERP Systems and Smaran Software Technologies LLP  Group are community focused. We desire to empower local and rural areas through education and entrepreneurialism. We believe that all communities will gain strength in numbers as community members strive to create new business, and allows it’s members to stay and work in their home areas with the skills needed to thrive.

Earn a training certificate and a reference to job opportunities that exist with the customers of POS Systems.


Please complete one form per person and select workshops on next page. Registration payment must follow completed registration form in order to be processed. Confirmation will be emailed prior to the workshop.

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