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WhatsApp Commerce (Business beyond boundaries).

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Last few years after the pandemic hit have been really tough for everyone including the business owners in every field. Customer behavior has also evolved, like preferring healthier food options, avoiding human interaction while shopping or ordering food online via food aggregators. But all of this has put an extra financial cost on the F&B business owners as they have to pay ever increasing commissions to the aggregators & also not being able to connect with the customers directly.

During & after the pandemic a lot of F&B owners got their own home delivery mobile application developed to reduce their costs & to build customer loyalty but getting your customer to download the application, integrating it with current POS software's, maintenance of their application were some major issues faced by the owners.

We at RanceLab are always looking to build something that can help our clients in getting their business to newer heights.

So, we are happy to introduce WhatsApp Commerce.

What is WhatsApp commerce ?

Just imagine, a customer of yours craving for that delicious food or dessert open their WhatsApp application & guess what? They have your shop right in front of them on there mobile screens. Now, can they resist browsing through your menu & to not order something? Sounds pretty tough!

So, to help you & your customers we have come up with WhatsApp Commerce.


1. Build your own customer base

Getting orders from customers through your own WhatsApp commerce platform will help you in building your own customer database which you can use to run new customer loyalty programmers & for brand marketing.

2. Increase in Sales without paying commissions

Letting your customers order directly from the comfort of their homes will surely lead to increase in sales. Expect 2.5X increase in sales during non peak hours.

3. Direct customer feedbacks

Your customers will be able to engage with you directly. Letting you know what do they like about your brand & the offerings and also what according to them needs some betterment.

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