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FusionResto software has got everything you need for making your Sweets Shop business more profitable.
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Make profits soon and reach breakeven faster

Operations and management have become efficient because of the introduction of digitization in every business today. Whether it is a single outlet of sweet shop or it is chain of outlets, FusionResto, SSTLLP’s the best sweet shop billing software, helps you to manage your business efficiently, whether you are a baker, confectioner, or sweet shop owner. You can get benefit from this software.

The main advantage of FusionResto is that it enables you to focus on more important aspects of the business effectively, instead of focusing on daily operations and billings which are time consuming and complex also. The software allows you to reach your profit target faster and also, to reach your break soon.

FusionResto has an easy to set-up configure point of sale billing, coupons, and delivery which makes it quite easier for the retailer to handle. The software allows you to manage the outlet with multiple cash and billing counters. It has centralized cash collection and de-centralized delivery counters.It allows the users to raise store indent to central kitchen or warehouse. It can be later combined into one for production or even dispatch planning.It also allows two-way stock transfers for inter-branch and central kitchen.

The user can streamline the production cycle with integrated backorder module. Also, it can strengthen your sales and profits with excellent food costing as well as profitability report.

After inventory management, the purchase and reorders with strict control on raw material purchase and payment to suppliers is enhanced. The software sends alerts for perishable products and raw material which makes its very easy for the user to maintain quality standards and hygiene.

This software enhances managing discounts, gift vouchers, or discount coupons redemption including happy hour pricing, product or category-based offers, as well as seasonal or bill-value based promotions effectively and efficiently.

  • KOT and billing via touch screen
  • Ordering through Mobile Apps and Tabs
  • Managing orders between stores
  • Processing of customers’ order and back order
  • Supports numerous measurement units
  • Maintaining stock journal
  • Alerts for shortage, excess, and wastage of items
  • Sends SMS alerts and Email notifications
  • Keeps control on the purchase of the raw material
  • Generated buyer loyalty points
  • Displays graphs and charts to evaluate the situation better
  • Integrates weighing scale for easy billing
  • Speedier than manual maintaining of cash register or any other solution
  • Reporting can be both mobile and web-based
  • Separate counters for bill, cash, and delivery
  • Facilitates prepaid cards Integration
  • Managing of recipes together with production
  • Reporting of physical verification of stocks and any variances
  • Manages price list or rate contract list for monthly purchases/deliveries
  • Food costing as well as menu engineering
  • Integration of payroll as well as financial account
  • Synchronization and analysis of data across the chain
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