FusionRetail software has got everything you need for making your Supermarket business more profitable.
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Every business is moving towards digitization and supermarkets are also benefitting from the same. SSTLLP has come up with the best supermarket billing software, FusionRetail for grocery and provision stores, hypermarkets, and supermarkets. Whether you own a single store or chain of multiple stores, the software can help effectively manage your retail operations. It empowers your business to sustain in the competition.

FusionRetail comes with easy to set-up item classification with multiple UPC/EAN code for each SKU, flexible, and unique barcode generation for packed items, and efficient points of sale for faster checkout along with store-wise inventory and replacement management. It also comes with loyalty programs that boost sales and schemes for up-selling and cross-selling along with financial accounts for maintaining a balance between receivables and payables.

The analysis reports help in understanding and adapting to changing trends. The best supermarket billing software allows keeping track of perishable items and sends alert emails for near expiry. It helps in analysing stock movement for fast, slow, and non-moving items.

  • Integrated and quick PoS
  • Combined payroll and financial account
  • System for Home Delivery
  • Hot key for FMCGs like packaged foods, beverages, etc.
  • Integration of Weighing Scale
  • Sell products by weight or count
  • Repackaging for sugar, rice, and pulses
  • Orders created automatically from replenishment
  • Smooth synchronization of data within the chain
  • Generation of Customer loyalty points
  • Evaluation through Graphs and Chart
  • Use industry specific GS1 Barcodes- UPC/EAN barcodes
  • User-defined barcode for packaged products
  • Multiple UPC/EAN barcodes for a single stock keeping unit (SKU)
  • Adjust to buyer's buying pattern
  • Sends SMS and Email notifications
  • Evaluate SKU by stock age
  • Track stocks by its movement - fast, slow and non-moving
  • Exact mark-up and margin calculation
  • Stock-in/ Stockout/No Sales report
  • Digital reports
  • Sales & stock lists of suppliers for effective reorder

Incredible App For Supermarket


Apart from the software, there is also an app that can help the supermarket business. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS phones. Let’s get more insight on the same.

How It Works

The link to order daily supplies can be sent on SMS or mass mail to your patrons and guests. They can click the link and proceed to place the order. The app is very simple and does not require any training to operate. Orders placed will directly be received at your FusionERP 

Where Can It Be Used?


Businesses where this app can be implemented

  • Grocery
  • Supermarket
  • Sweets
  • Bakery
  • Delivery Restaurant 
  • Cloud Kitchen


Business Communication

Key Results

  • Online presence

o Your brand will reach out to more potential customers, increasing the visibility

o Your patrons will love to stay connected with the brand

  • OTP based customer registration

o You will receive clean data. No phishing or proxy data.

o Secure and direct communication between you and your customers

  • Convenience of mobile ordering

o Customers can place orders from the comfort of their home

o They get more choices and own sweet time to place the orders

  • Faster processing of orders

o Order data immediately travels to the nearest delivery point

o Order data gets printed for further processing and delivery 

  • Cross promotion and Upsell of items

o Partner with other complimenting brands for promotion

o Upsell other products, liquidate stock

  • Additional revenue stream

o Creates a new revenue stream inline with your physical outlet

o Works as your silent partner and adds to your top line

  • inApp Payments

o Built-in payments for quicker settlement of transaction

o Payment gets credited to your account

  • Customer Rating and Reviews

o Customers can directly interact with you via rating and reviews

o Increases customer engagement, builds trust amongst your customers

Key Benefits

  • Location based customer segmentation
  • Location based menu listing
  • Past Orders & Transaction History
  • Reach out to a wide base of customers
  • Better customer data and preferences
  • Better analysis of customers orders and preference
  • Order Status Tracking
  • Gift Voucher & Coupon Settlement

Product Features

  • OTP SMS for New Customer Registration
  • Successful Registration Email Confirmation with UserName and Password
  • Forget Password over SMS for Existing Customer
  • Forgot User Details Email with UserName and Password
  • Manage Multiple Locations
  • Manage Location wise Menu
  • Manage Opening Days & Timings
  • Manage Minimum Order Amount
  • Manage Delivery Charges
  • Manage Delivery Areas
  • Manage Special Menus & Offers
  • Multiple Payment Modes
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Earn Rewards & Benefits
  • Veg / Non-veg Filter
  • Gift Voucher Settlement
  • Coupon Code Settlement
  • Order Received SMS with Order Number
  • Order Email with Order Details
  • Order Status Tracking
  • Feedback Email ID
  • Feedback Email Subject
  • Feedback Email Body Text
  • Google Play Store Hosting
  • Built-in Payment Gateway (transaction charges as applicable)


  • Pricing will depend on several factors such as number of locations and orders per day
  • Also the kind of hosting setup it will require
  • Based on the above factors, price will be shared for each case

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