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Touch screen Order (KOT) and Billing

Supports multiple units of measurement

Efficient re-order management and raw material purchase

Faster than Cash Register and any other solution

Recipe management with Production

Built-in payroll and financial account with GST

Mobile Apps and Tab based ordering

Auto production and stock journal

Customer loyalty program with points, cash-back

Kitchen display system for faster execution of orders

Physical Stock taking and Variance reporting

Synchronize and analyse data across chain

Stock Transfer with Tray (Bardana) Management

Easy capture of excess, shortage and wastage

Barcode based billing for quick movement of boxes

Separate cash, bill and delivery counters

Rate Contract and Price List for monthly supplies

Customer order and backorder processing

SMS and Email alerts for customer and owners

Weighing Scale integration for accurate quantity count

Integration of prepaid cards, loyalty cards

Food Costing and Menu Engineering

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Running a good sweet shop, bakery or confectionery business and converting it to a successful business requires totally different skills and expertise. The difference is FusionResto, ready-to-use software for sweet shops bakery and confectionery. Over 1000s of Sweet Shops Bakery & Confectionery brands have automated their processes resulting in an average 10% increase in sales, compared to the performance of other similar formats. Sweet shops, on average, achieve a 5 to 1 ROI within one year by using FusionResto software to more precisely focus and track sales, stock and customer behavior.

FusionResto is ready-to-use software for sweet shops, bakery and confectionery. Be it a single outlet or a chain, it connects all the end-to-end business functions and keeps you ahead of the competition from other similar and large formats. Unlike others, it makes you profits sooner, reach break-even faster and open new outlets quicker.

When it comes to operations, every item purchased affects the bottom line. Be it stock of perishable items or premium dry fruits and other raw materials. Over-stocking results into waste, pilferage and blocking of working capital. Under-stocking results into less production or non-timely delivery of finished products.

FusionResto comes with easy-to-configure point of sale billing, coupons and delivery. It is capable of managing multiple cash and bill counters, centralized cash collection and decentralized delivery counters. It streamlines your production cycle with integrated backorder module and strengthens your sales and profits with an efficient food costing and profitability report. It ensures your focus on core-aspects of business and keeps you away from complex day-to-day operations.

FusionResto inter-store order management enables users to raise multiple indents to central kitchen or warehouse and vice-versa, which can later be combined into single for production and dispatch planning. It has a two-way stock transfers for Inter branch and central kitchen. Its efficient inventory management effectively handles purchase and generates reorder statements, with strict control on payment to suppliers. Expiry date alerts for perishable food products and raw materials makes it easy for your inventory manager to maintain the food hygiene and safety. Physical stock taking and variance report supervises the kitchen health.

Innovative customer engagement program increases your customer’s visits and average ticket size resulting into an increase in sales upto 20%. It manages your customers transcripts in various categories such as gold, silver and groups them into family, friends and more. It automatically sends birthday and anniversary wishes to your customers. Built-in referral program offers various options such as joining bonus, cash-backs and points. Run complex discounts, gift vouchers, coupon redemption, happy-hour pricing, product or category based offers, seasonal or bill-value based promos seamlessly with FusionResto promotion module.

FusionResto efficiently manages all your locations, head-office, production unit, workshop, warehouse and retail outlets. It synchronizes the data effectively between locations and works in both online and offline mode to ensure zero wait time during service. The mobile app brings you set of finest management reports and offers day-end summary over SMS and emails, ensuring you’re always connected to your business even when you’re away.

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We have 15 outlets of Sweets & Restaurants, We have been using RanceLab ERP since 2015 and have automated all areas of business.   

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