Raiser Pos

R-UPOS-211V is an all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) system that features a small footprint and dual-hinge design, making it ideal for countertops and limited-space installations.

It provides easy access to key components. R-UPOS-211V supports both Windows Android OS and Linux, and the front panel is with IP65 design, supports water and dust resistance, specifically designed for Mini market store, Food merchandise, Convenience store, Specialty store. R-UPOS-211V is with the most competitive cost, and energy effective platform built for retail and hospitality.

Product Features

Touch– It is a POS System with 15” true-flat PCAP touch or 5 wire Resistive touch.

Design– Fanless design with operation and energy saving functionalities. It provides easy access to key components.

Power– Powered by an Intel® Celeron® J1900, R-UPOS-211V, it is with Intel Baytrail, ensures high-performance computing and reliable data processing, while supporting flexible customization for diverse applications.

Platforms Supported- R-UPOS-211V supports both Windows, Android OS, and Linux.

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