How does POS system reduce the use of manpower?

The POS system is simply a cash register, as it is called the best supermarket billing software in Panchkula. However, it is not just a calculator that calculates, it is a system that aggregates sales in units of single products and manages and analyzes sales and inventory based on the aggregated results. It’s best to choose the so-called quick sale, it is easy to use. The terminals are mostly tactile because of their intuitiveness. In this case, the system must be integrated with the warehouse management system, which will allow for automatic updating of stocks and prices in real time, it also allows for sales reports.

Now you don’t need to keep registers and write your stocks and manage data of the inventory on it. Now everything is getting digitally and most importantly saves the manpower.   

Save time and Manpower in Gastronomy businesses

The most frequently chosen system is the system that allows for recording the consumption of raw materials depending on the prepared dish. We register in the system the ingredients needed to make a given dish, and then after accepting the order, the system automatically reduces the number of ingredients that we have.

Finally, small and medium-sized dining establishments have access to the latest technology. POS, which perfectly meets the requirements of cafes and small restaurants. 

The POS system for gastronomy also has several other helpful modules, such as: goods management, waiters’ working time register, table service. Integrated are also devices that display open bills on screens visible to chefs and inform the customer about the status of the order at the same time, and a device that automatically sends information about the order directly to the kitchen after accepting the order. Barcode scanner in Mohali also helps to make the services fast.

A functional solution that will save your time and manpower and allow you to focus on customers:

  • Tables – a simple and clear overview of the tables will make it easier to manage the premises. There can be an unlimited number of bills per table.
  • Mobile waiter – it’s a portable tablet with our POS system. Thanks to it, the waiter can send orders directly to the kitchen or bar while still at the customer’s table
  • Reversal accounts – all reversal transactions are registered in the system. Thanks to this, you have access to them no matter when you will need them.
  • Linking accounts and naming them
  • Splitting the bill
  • Remote access to all data collected in our system, no matter where you are. Direct access to information on sales, cancellation, rebates, sales statistics and goods movement in the warehouse. Data can be easily exported to Excel or PDF for accounting purposes.
  • Stock cards and delivery cards – the cards contain a clear overview of all items that are currently in stock.
  • Recipes and margins – each item can be assigned a unique recipe. 

Full information about employees, including: how much money they earn, how many clients have they served during the shift, what is the average amount of bills paid by their clients.

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