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FusionERP Online Ordering Platform

When you provide your customers with simpler, faster and convenient ordering options, revenue comes automatically. Introducing the new contactless ordering platform. We have to look at what value we bring to our customers together. This platform enables you to stay in contact with your customers and enable them to place orders from the comfort of their home. While there are customers who are struggling with other marketplace apps and phone orders, you will have an advantage over your competitors and be the leading provider of such services in your area. This will give you multiple benefits like additional revenue stream (not only for now but also for the future as well), loyal customers (as they will not struggle with multiple apps or vendors) and most importantly gain popularity and edge in the market. I will share one secret with you. This is the only app that will give you direct access to your FusionERP. All orders entered through this app will be directly saved on your FusionERP. You do not have to put additional manpower to re-enter the data.


Businesses where this app can be implemented

  • Grocery
  • Supermarket
  • Sweets
  • Bakery
  • Delivery Restaurant
  • Cloud Kitchen
  • Mobile Store
  • Liquor Store

Key Results

Online Presence

  • Your brand will reach out to more potential customers, increasing the visibility.
  • Builds everlasting customer loyalty with built-in loyalty program

OTP Based Customer Registration

  • You will receive clean data. No phishing or proxy data
  • Secure and direct communication between you and your customers

Customer Rating and Reviews

  • Customers can directly interact with you via rating and reviews.
  • Increases customer engagement, builds trust amongst your customers.

Faster Processing of Orders

  • Customer gets to customize their order and write custom notes.
  • Order data gets printed at nearest location to the customer for delivery

Cross Promotion and Upsell of Items

  • Partner with other complimenting brands for promotion.
  • Upsell other products, liquidate stock.

Additional Revenue Stream

  • Creates a new revenue stream inline with your physical outlet.
  • Works as your silent partner and adds to your top line.

Convenience of Mobile Ordering

  • Customers can place orders from the comfort of their home.
  • They get more choices and own sweet time to place the orders

Ultra Secure in App Payments

  • Built-in payments for quicker settlement of transaction.
  • Payment gets credited to your account.

Product Features

  • OTP SMS for New Customer Registration

  • Successful Registration Email Confirmation with UserName and Password

  • Forget Password over SMS for Existing Customer

  • Forgot User Details Email with UserName and Password

  • Manage Multiple Locations

  • Manage Location wise Menu

  • Manage Opening Days & Timings

  • Manage Minimum Order Amount

  • Manage Delivery Charges

  • Manage Delivery Areas

  • Manage Special Menus & Offers

  • Multiple Payment Modes

  • Multiple Language Support

  • Earn Rewards & Benefits

  • Veg / Non-veg Filter

  • Gift Voucher Settlement

  • Coupon Code Settlement

  • Customized Ordering

  • Order Received SMS with Order Number

  • Order Email with Order Details

  • Order Status Tracking

  • Feedback Email ID

  • Feedback Email Subject

  • Feedback Email Body Text

  • Google Play Store Hosting

  • Built-in Payment Gateway (transaction charges as applicable)

Key Benefits

  • Location based customer segmentation

  • Location based menu listing

  • Past Orders & Transaction History

  • Reach out to a wide base of customers

  • Better customer data and preferences

  • Better analysis of customers orders and preference

  • Order Status Tracking

  • Gift Voucher & Coupon Settlement


  • Price will depend on several factors such as number of locations and orders per day

  • Based on the above information, server to host the app will be decided

  • Price will be based considering the same, which may vary from case to case

  • Please discuss the case with NS on one-to-one basis and take price confirmation on email only


Category: Interface | GUI

What we are offering here is an ordering platform. There is a fundamental difference between these two. The platform that we provide, enables you to take direct orders from your esteemed customers and deliver goods in return. The objective here is to deliver something, which is more useful and user-friendly than glorified. Moreover, our design and development teams are constantly working on it to make it look and function better.

Response: You can add pictures on the main page, next to each location and for each product. Please contact our support team and they will help you setup the same.

Response: Yes you can. Please get in touch with our support team and they will help you set up the same.

Category: App Hosting

Response: This is an online ordering platform and is delivered as a URL / link. You may circulate this link in your customer circle by SMS, Email or WhatsApp. We also offer a QR Code for the same that you may use in your marketing communication. Your customers can either click the link or scan the QR code and start ordering. Due to lockdown, the request for upload on both stores is on hold. As soon as the lockdown opens, we will publish the apps on respective stores.

Category: Interface | GUIPayment Integration | Gateway

Response: In order to accept payments in your bank account, your bank account needs to be verified by concerned authorities.

Response: Yes. The payment gateway supports Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diner, RuPay), Net banking (over 75+ banks), Wallets (over 15 wallets), UPI (100+ banks and third party apps), EMI (card and cardless) and Buy Now Pay Later (LazyPay and Ola postpaid).

Category: App Usage and Operations

Internal: This option will be asked by grocery stores and supermarkets specifically.

Response: When a customer is visiting your store, they have large varieties of items on display. In case they do not find the desired items, they can choose an alternative. However, in case of an online store, if some items are missing or out of stock, the customer opts out and decides not to place the order. Best practices suggest to put the item and take the order. Once you receive the order, you can make necessary changes and amendments keeping your customer in loop.

Internal: This option will be asked by grocery stores and supermarkets specifically.

Response: The best way to run a scheme online is to display both MRP and Store Price. The customer is smart enough to make a choice on the basis of price. We also have the option to redeem discount coupons or gift vouchers. It will be made available once payment integration will be in place.

Response: It pops up at the backend computer. Once you accept the order, it prints KOT or displays order on KDS.

Response: Its a beauty of FusionERP Online Ordering where you can sell online and return offline moreover it falls under the purview of the business and needs to be taken care of by the business directly. We believe that you have standard protocols in place to avoid such scenarios.

Response: This is an online ordering platform. The more validations and rules you put, the more difficult it is to use it and place order through it. The best practice is to receive the order and speak one on one in case of any changes. As soon as you process the order, stock gets deducted from the system, similar to when you save a transaction from FusionERP POS.

Response: Yes, you can setup the same. Please get in touch with our support team and they will help you with it.

Response: This ordering platform has a powerful search mechanism which means, you can type “toothpaste” and irrespective of any brand, it will list all “toothpaste”. The user can easily make a choice from the list.

Response: Yes, you can. Using your FusionMobi App, you can live sales and other finest analysis reports.

Response: Yes. You can setup user defined fields and tag orders as delivered or pending. Our support team will help you setup the same.

Reponse: Best practices suggest this to be manually intervened. It will help you to review the order before it gets processed and you are saved from any unpleasant scenario.

Category: Price

You will recover the money invested within 6 months of usage and continue to enjoy the same thereafter.

In absence of this platform, more than one operator is required to receive calls and punch the orders in the system. This platform saves you from it, saving at least 15000 per month (equivalent to the salary plus other expenses of an operator)

Response: We should be thankful to this lockdown as it has taught us so many things that we never thought we will be doing in our lifetime. This is not a temporary or recurring cost model. This is an investment into a product that becomes your asset for the lifetime. You may use this as an ordering platform now and gradually it becomes your additional revenue generator.

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